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Licensed Plumber

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Charlotte, NC, USA

Full Time



  • High School Diploma or GED is required.

  • Has a valid North Carolina Plumbing License. If you do not currently have a license, please apply as a plumbing technician and we will help you conquer your goal!

 Driver's License:

  • Possession of a valid driver's license is required for travel to job sites.

 Background Check:

  • Successfully pass a criminal background check, as is common in many trades for the protection of clients.

 Work Experience:

  • Accumulate at least 3 years of practical plumbing experience, either through an apprenticeship or other relevant work.

 Knowledge of Codes and Regulations:

  • Thorough understanding of local and state plumbing codes and regulations.

  • Having the ability to learn and execute the codes and regulations.

 Physical Fitness:

  • Good physical condition to handle the demands of the job, including lifting heavy objects and working in various conditions.

About the Role

Skills we are seeking:

-Knowledgeable: In-depth knowledge of commercial plumbing systems.

-Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to diagnose plumbing issues and develop effective solutions.

-Strong communication Skills: Communicate effectively with customers and our offices.

-Customer Service Skills: Ability to provide excellent customer service, explain repairs, and address customer inquiries.

Technical Skills:

-Proficiency in reading and interpreting blueprints and technical drawings.

-Hands-on skills in installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing systems.
Safety Awareness:

-Adherence to safety protocols and practices to prevent accidents and ensure a secure work environment.


-Install, repair, and maintain plumbing systems, fixtures, and appliances.

-Assemble and install pipes, fittings, and fixtures according to specifications and plumbing codes.

-Identify and diagnose plumbing issues such as leaks, blockages, and malfunctions.

-Use diagnostic tools to assess the condition of plumbing systems.

-Cut, thread, and bend pipes to required shapes and sizes.

-Join pipes using appropriate methods such as welding, soldering, or gluing.

-Interpret and work from blueprints, drawings, and specifications to plan plumbing installations.

-Estimate materials, labor, and equipment costs for plumbing projects.

-Ensure all work complies with local plumbing codes and regulations.

-Communicate effectively with clients to understand their plumbing needs.

-Provide explanations of necessary repairs or installations and answer customer inquiries.

-Respond to emergency plumbing calls promptly and provide effective solutions.

-Recommend and perform preventive maintenance to avoid potential plumbing issues.

-Work with other construction professionals, such as electricians and HVAC technicians, to ensure coordinated installations.

-Properly use and maintain a variety of hand and power tools specific to the plumbing trade.

-Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries.

-Utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) as necessary.

-Maintain accurate records of work performed, including invoices, work orders, and inspection reports.

-Ensure the quality and durability of installations and repairs.

-Stay updated on industry trends, new technologies, and changes in plumbing codes.

-Pursue ongoing training and professional development opportunities.

-Collaborate with other plumbers and team members on larger projects.

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